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QBoard-II: Cryogenic Sample Holder

Save Valuable Research Hours with a Modular, Configurable Chip Carrier

QBoard-II is a modular, PCB-based sample holder system for low-temperature spin-qubit chips, general transport experiments, and superconducting circuits. Save valuable research hours by leveraging the power of a universal sample holder. QBoard-II supports any experiment from simple fast turnaround sample characterization to complex microwave-powered experiments.

Key Features:

  • Minimal crosstalk and RF loss up to 8 GHz
  • Small size - fits in 60 mm sample spaces, both horizontal and vertical
  • Easy exchange and re-use of different chips
  • Optimized thermalization path to the sample
  • Supports mounting multiple units in parallel or perpendicular
  • Increased number and types of experiments possible
  • All materials are non-magnetic

Improving upon the performance and usability of the original QBoard, QBoard-II features more compact dimensions; new PCB, interposer, and daughterboard designs; and the addition of a shielding lid. Stop spending valuable research hours designing and manufacturing your own chip carrier. With QBoard-II, you can focus on the qubit chip itself and conduct repeatable experiments!

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QBoard solutions have been successfully adopted by more than 80 research groups, startups, and established companies.


“Efficiently controlling multiple frequency-tunable transmon qubits can be achieved with QM's OPX and QDAC. QDAC's high-precision and low-noise bias voltage ensures accurate qubit frequency control without compromising coherence times, while QM's OPX offers advanced control solutions that are user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise. I highly recommend using OPX and QDAC together to streamline your lab processes and advance your quantum computing research.”

Dr. Eun Jong Kim, IQIM, Caltech