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QDAC: Ultra-Low-Noise 24-Channel DAC

High-precision low-noise computer-controlled voltage generators

Designed for quantum physics, the QDAC series of products are high-precision low-noise computer-controlled voltage generators for DC and intermediate-frequency control of quantum electronics and quantum computer qubits. In addition to their precise and stable voltage output, QDACs can measure output currents – for example, to detect leaking gates or shorted bonding wires. QDACs have 24 channels and offer a cost-effective way to gain many high-quality D/A converter channels.

Product Highlights:

  • Precision Voltage Generators: QDAC is a high-precision, 25-bit resolution, ultra-low-noise computer-controlled DAC with 24 voltage channel generators operating at a sample rate of 1MS/s.
  • Fast Scan of the Gate Space: Performs fast multi-dimensional gate voltage sweeps with a 1 MS/s output rate.
  • Complete and Scalable Solution: Multiple OPX+ and QDAC units can be stacked and synchronized to operate as one advanced quantum control system for a QPU size DC to 400 MHz.

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Ultra-stable high-resolution D/A converter for gate control in quantum electronics, with 24 outputs, built-in waveform generators and current measurements on each channel

QDAC-II_03 (1)

“Efficiently controlling multiple frequency-tunable transmon qubits can be achieved with QM's OPX and QDAC. QDAC's high-precision and low-noise bias voltage ensures accurate qubit frequency control without compromising coherence times, while QM's OPX offers advanced control solutions that are user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise. I highly recommend using OPX and QDAC together to streamline your lab processes and advance your quantum computing research.”

Dr. Eun Jong Kim, IQIM, Caltech