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Introducing: QM’s Quantum Orchestration Platform V2.0 

Quantum Control Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

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Quantum Machines' (QM) Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) integrates parametric pulse programming, real-time classical processing, flow control, and ultra-fast analog feedback. Now, we’re enhancing the solution’s capabilities with QOP V2.0.

Release 2.0 enhances QOP with state-of-the-art features that further improve fidelity, allow simpler setups, and facilitate even greater flexibility to run the most advanced quantum experiments. And with the intuitive open-source programming language QUA, you can run even the most advanced quantum algorithms out of the box.

What's New in Version 2.0

  • Strict Timing for Sequences with Zero Gaps
  • Crosstalk Matrix and Improved Digital Filters 
  • Advanced Chirping 
  • Input Stream for Fast Data Transfer During Runtime 
  • High-Resolution Time Tagging 
  • Shareable Ports

Why You Should Care

Quantum Machines (QM) drives quantum breakthroughs that accelerate the development of practical quantum computing. With a dedicated team of quantum physicists, we deliver comprehensive Quantum Control systems and components, complete with hardware and software to allow you to run even the most complex algorithms right out of the box, including quantum error correction, multi-qubit calibration, and more. 

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OPX+: The Quantum Orchestration Platform

Run the quantum experiments of your dreams right from the installation. With a quantum feature-rich environment, the OPX+ is built for scale and performance. Now, you can run the most complex quantum algorithms and experiments in a fraction of the development time.


Industry-Leading Quantum Electronics Solutions


Through QDevil, its Copenhagen-based division, QM offers a wide range of auxiliary electronics and specialized components, operating from milli-Kelvin to room temperature.



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Quantum Machines selected to build Israel's national quantum computing center

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